December 2004

YoungerWorks launches new Trenwyth Industries website.

November 2004

YoungerWorks to develop and implement marketing plan new TASTE Catering.

YoungerWorks is awarded the Dering Corporation trade show booth.

October 2004

YoungerWorks is awarded CJ's Fabulous dressing packaging.

YoungerWorks launches new TASTE Catering website.

September 2004

YoungerWorks awarded Sunoco Sales presentation of 2nd time in 3 years.

YoungerWorks awarded MLK logo project.

YoungerWorks partners with iComm, LLC to redesign Kallima web site.

YoungerWorks awarded promotional material package for Youcm and Co.

July 2004

New promotional package launch for The Dering Corporation.

June 2004

New promotional package for The Dering Corporation awarded to YoungerWorks.

FAW heating and Cooling awards YoungerWorks ID package.

May 2004

YoungerWorks partners with Visual Impact on YORK International Financial project.

March 2004

YoungerWorks to begin working with Local Globe on promotional products.

February 2004

Red Rose Imports site redesign awarded to YoungerWorks.

YoungerWorks awarded Pal Chow/Treats campaign

YoungerWorks launches ""

January 2004

YoungerWorks to partner with IdeaFarm to build and launch hickory river smokehouse site

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