December 2005

History Flight Lands at YoungerWorks. History flight out of Marathon, FL selects YoungerWorks to revamp it's current marketing masterials.

October 2005

Paws in the Pantry selects YoungerWorks for the development of their Identity package.

September 2005

YoungerWorks awarded Fortune Lighter product design and Packaging design.

August 2005

YoungerWorks launches TASTE at the Brunswick grand opening.

July 2005

YoungerWorks selected by the Dering Corp. for cshell promotion.

June 2005

HomeOne HandyMan Services Selects YoungerWorks form new business and Identity program launch.

YoungerWorks awarded the Heart Specialists of Lancaster web site.

YoungerWorks awarded the Harmony Safety Products, Inc. web site.

May 2005

YoungerWorks develops new look for the Trenwyth Industries "GREEN" trade show booth.

April 2005

YoungerWorks develops an interactive game for Turkey Hill Dairies. (Click to Play).

March 2005

YoungerWorks launches YORK service promo.

February 2005

YoungerWorks awarded the Wheatland Place - Hamilton Ballroom web site.

YoungerWorks to Partner with iComm on the develop an interactive tour for Turkey Hill Dairies.

January 2005

YoungerWorks becomes the agency of record for TASTE Catering.

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