December 2010

Comcast University selects Youngerworks for 3 technical training pieces; Networks, Telecom, and Plant

Turkery Hill launches new Cup game developed by YoungerWorks.

YoungerWorks delivers new ArtventuresExperience fund raising project for Kingdon of the Horse.

November 2010

Regupol America selects YoungerWorks to build new interactve flooring customizer.

YoungerWorks kicks off Regency Ice Rink email marketing campaign.

iComm and YoungerWorks launch new Wickersham Construction website.

September 2010

YoungerWorks partners with ROI research on American Express/Travel + Liesure new survey project.

YoungerWorks develops Americ-Dering transitional materials.

August 2010

YoungerWorks partners with Keystone Webs to be awarded Early Pine Furniture website redesign.

July 2010

Johnson Controls launches innovative new Chiller to its sales force with YoungerWorks training application.

YoungerWorks is awarded Regency Ice Rink website redesign.

May 2010

YoungerWorks is awarded Susquehanna Services logo and label design.

April 2010

YoungerWorks partners with Keystone Webs to be awarded Stampcrete of Lancaster website redesign.

YoungerWorks launches Regency Panthers Youth Ice Hockey concept. A new ADM (American Development Model) franchise.

March 2010

YoungerWorks is awarded Tindall’s Virgin Timbers website redesign.

iComm and YoungerWorks launch new Wine Secrets website.

February 2010

Turkery Hill launches new Milk Bottle game developed by YoungerWorks.

RCI chooses YoungerWorks for new marketing materials.

January 2010

Service Logic selects YoungerWorks for new line of Services marketing materials. 6 areas of services for each of the 8 divisions.

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